Essential Oil Benefits

How essential oils transform your mood and your skin.   For instance:-

Mandarin is a great all round oil which is safe to use during pregnancy.  It helps to lift the spirits in times of stress.  It is great for the digestive system, insomnia, anxiety, depression and nervous tension.

Grapefruit  also has an uplifting effect.  As well as being good for detoxing it is also recommended for stress, nervous exhaustion, headaches and depression.

Lemongrass is cooling, refreshing and stimulating.  When used in an oil burner or diffuser it has the boosting smell of lemon sherbots.   It boosts the immune system to combat colds and flu.  Again it is recommended for stress, nervous exhaustion and headaches.

Palmarosa  is a fantastic oil for dry and mature skin as well as scars.  It has a wonderfully calming and uplifting effect on the emotions and is particularly helpful with anxiety and depression.

Neroli is the best choice for treating anxiety and emotional problems caused by shock.  Again it is an excellent restorative for all skin types.

Ylang Ylang is ideal for uplifting emotions.  It has that ideal combination of boosting positive emotions and calming anxieties, anger and stress.

Frankincense.  As well as having excellent skin anti ageing properties works to calm the emotions.  It slows and deepens the breathing, so is thought to have cleansing and purifying properties that help the mind release emotional blockages.  It can also help meditation.

Rose Otto is the perfect all rounder having an amazing smell, works for tackling stress and anxiety as well as being great for skin particularly its dry skin, anti-ageing properties

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