Using The Healing Power and Protection of Crystals

As a Crystal Therapist I have been lucky to see first hand the fantastic benefits of crystals in healing. Using the right crystals can help with healing all sorts of emotional and physical ailments from arthritis to depression. For the most benefit crystals can be worn as jewellery, carried around with you, close to the skin, placed around you for healing sessions or just left in a room to work their magic.

Crystals will also offer protection from negative feelings of others directed towards you to giving you a boost when you need it when you are feeling low, vulnerable or lacking in confidence. Right now I think we could all do with some uplifting.

My go to crystals for protection are Black Obsidian which offers powerful protection from all kinds of negativity and will help to ground it back to earth. Black Obsidian will help you feel more grounded, focused and clear in practical matters.

Black Tourmaline again offers protection against negative energy absorbing it and transforming it into positive energy which is why it is also good in the treatment of pain. It will also help to strengthen the immune system.

Smokey Quartz is another great grounding crystal. It also works to dispel fear, lift negativity and depression. It works wonders at relieving stress and anxiety.

The beautiful almost translucent appearance of Tigers Eye with its mixture of gold and brown as well as its well known traits of being protective and a good luck talisman makes it good looking and practical! Wearing it will boost your mental clarity and ability to look at and deal with problems rationally and with objectively.

Moving on to the uplifting crystal gemstones citrine is up there with the best as a powerful cleanser and re-generator, helping with self-healing and self-improvement.

Turquoise as one of the oldest gemstones acts as a self purifying and uplifting stone. Turquoise works on your mental state with positivity, intuition and clarity giving you a feeling of mental calm, clarity and control to your life.

Carnelian is another bold gemstone imparting strength, courage and resilience stimulating vitality, motivation and confidence.

Amber is a natural purifier helping to draw out disease and negativity from the body and replacing it with positive energy. Amber facilitates better self confidence and self-expression.

Jasper overall is a great healer and nuturer overall, imparting healing and wisdom. There are many different types of Jasper from Red Jasper to Leopard Jasper all of which I stock and each has its own benefits which are listed with each product so that you can make the most of this wonderful gemstone.

Moonstone is the gemstone of inner growth and strength. Moonstone encourages intuition, inspiration and positivity in both love and business matters.

These are just some of the most common crystals and gemstones with their uses. The list could go on for ever as could I but there are just not enough hours in the day… I’ve listed the healing benefits of each crystal in my products so that you can decide for yourself. Wear and use your crystals every day to absorb the positive benefits they can give you.

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