Pamper Yourself with a daily 5 minute Face Massage

We all enjoy body massage and the benefits are huge not only to your physical wellbeing but your mental and emotional wellbeing but what about your face and neck? Do they get the same level of care? The skin on your face and neck take a huge battering not only from the millions of facial expressions we all make every day but also from external sources including the sun and wind. Especially if you aren’t getting out every day at the moment all the more reason to pamper yourself.

With daily gentle massage you can help stimulate lymph drainage to remove all the toxins, stress from your face and neck which will make you feel great and take years off you (hopefully). Don’t expect immediate results. As with all complimentary medicine this will take time and commitment but will be worth it in the end.

Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face especially at the moment. Use a band around your hair to take it away from the face area. Ideally massage at night with some face oil or use a good eye cream followed by face and neck cream. Dot the eye cream around the eyes and with the middle fingers use gentle tapping around the eye socket and at the top of the bridge of the nose. This will help to stimulate the sinuses to drain. Use stroking with the middle fingers across the eyebrows to help clear tension away from around the eyes. Repeat this several time until the cream soaks in. Next apply the face cream/oil and again with one or two fingers on either sides of your temple use finger circles pressing in slightly. You should find this eases tension around your eyes and your forehead. Next, move up to your forehead and with two or three fingers on both hands stroke outwards towards your scalp which will help to loosen the band of tension around that area. You can then go back to do a few more circles around your temple again. Repeat as many times as you like as long as you are not pulling on the skin.

Next with all your fingers of both hands resting on your forehead use your thumbs to slowly stroke up the edges of your face to the forehead. Keep the pressure light at first because if you are holding a lot of tension around your face too much pressure will be painful, gradually increase the pressure over subsequent massages. Again you can use thumb circles around the outer edges of the temple into the scalp to ease pressure and tension in the forehead area. You can also use a massage crystal here if you prefer

Lastly put your thumbs underneath your chin and stroke up the outer edges of the face with your fingers, again keep the pressure light to begin with. You can then hold your fingers at the edges of your face and stroke outwards with your thumbs underneath your chin(s) to help remove tension in your jaw.

A few more finger circles around your temples and you are done

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