Alternative Therapies for Coping with Fear and Anxiety

We speak to a lot of people currently coping with varying degrees of Fear and Anxiety particularly at the moment. Not forgetting that anger problems also have their roots in fear. Fear of changes, fear of losing control and fear of the unknown. A lot of people have their own coping strategies and that’s fine so long as they are not self destructive. Spending some time every day relaxing doing something you enjoy and meditating switching the conscious mind off for a while will help considerably. We have a blog on here regarding meditation for you to refer to with hints and tips.

The first of our remedies and the most popular are our Bach Flower Remedies Therapy Mixes which have been blended by a Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner using Original Bach Flower Remedies which contain approximately 6 – 7 Remedies in each mix. They were original selected by Dr Bach back in the 1930s for their flower essences which work by enhancing positive emotions connected to specific emotional problems such as loneliness, grief, terror and anger. The effects of the Therapy Mixes are really enhanced by keeping a positive mindset in your everyday life while taking them. For our Bach Flower Remedy Therapy Mixes click here

We also have our own pre-blended Aromatherapy Mixes for Relaxation, Confidence and Uplifting which have been blended by a qualified Aromatherapist. Each blend has been made up with therapy oils into a base oil so that they can be used directly onto the skin or in a diffuser. Aromatherapy oils work on the olfactory (smell) receptors sending impulses directly to the brain and body. For our Aromatherapy Mixes click here

Another wonderful therapy are our crystal bracelets which are made up from approximately 7 – 8 different genuine crystal beads into an adjustable bracelet which contains approximately 31 crystals. We are all bodies of energy and each crystal has its own energy field which work with our energies to heal physical and emotional issues. These bracelets act as a crystal energy grid to work on stress/fear healing, relaxation/sleep, confidence, energy, protection and pain relief. We also have crystal bracelets with lava beads which are porous and our aromatherapy oils can also be added for added benefits such as the Meditation Bracelet, Grounding Bracelet and the Power Bracelet. For our Crystal Bracelets click here

All these therapies come without side effects but they do not replace medical advice from your doctor where needed.

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