Start your 2021 Emotional Healing Journey

Sadly this has not been the start of 2021 we had all hoped for in the UK staring into another long lockdown.  Flipping this around though, this is also a time to take stock and look at ways to improve our emotional wellbeing.  So many times neglecting emotional health goes on to far more serious mental and physical health problems which take much more sorting out.  Start by listening to your inner guidance.  This all starts with taking time out every day cutting out the mind chatter and just being present with quiet meditation and listening.  Use a repeated chant if you need to start with to take your mind away from everyday thoughts and worries.  

This brings me on to another deep thought for you to think about which is what triggers your negative emotions?  Is it deadlines that you find yourself constantly under pressure to meet?  Is it a relationship where you are not being heard or respected?  This is where therapies such as crystal therapies and Bach Flower Remedies help.  Dr Bach related emotional states to the layers of an onion.  What may start off as  frustrated anger will then go on to reveal itself as impatience at a need to get things done or deadlines to be met which further down the line reveals itself to be fear of being unable to control your situation which will then ultimately reveals itself all to be the grief and sadness you felt when you weren’t able to fix a situation that was totally out of your control.  This sort of deep dive into your emotions takes time but is ultimately so rewarding when you finally understand why certain situations trigger you or why you find yourself in a vicious circle repeating the same mistakes getting into toxic relationships etc.  I have been working as a Bach Flower Therapist now for several years and I am happy to offer you advice on all our Therapy Bottles as well as mix custom bottles for your needs.

This is also how crystals work.  They tap into our energies helping us to switch the negative to positive.  Using crystals regularly will help to reveal your inner truth which in turn helps you to support and nurture yourself in a way that works for you to stay in a good place regardless of the circumstances surrounding you.

One of the ways Aromatherapy Oils work are on the olfactory nerves the shortest of the cranial nerves passing straight to the forebrain.  As with different Bach Flower Remedies and crystals breathing in different Aromatherapy Oils by diffuser or burner can really help with emotional wellbeing.   In addition, Aromatherapy Oils are also absorbed through the skin layers working in a similar way to food and vitamin nutrients to nurture and feed the body. As an Aromatherapist and Crystal Therapist I have put together therapy oils and crystal packs for lots of health and emotional issues:-

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